Guanjun Gao    Associate Professor, PI
InstituteSchool of Life Science and Technology
Research AreaChromatin and Epigenetics, Gene Editing

Dr. Guanjun Gao graduated from Department of Agronomy of Yangzhou University in Jiangsu in 1996, and received a PhD degree from Zhejiang University in 2005. He did the postdoctoral research at Lab of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (LBMB) in National Cancer Institute of NIH, USA from 2006-2010. From 2010~2011, he worked as Research Fellow at LBMB lab in NIH. From 2011, he became a PI at School of Life Sciences in Tsinghua University. In middle of 2017, he moved to Shanghai and became an associate professor at School of Life Science and Technology in ShanghaiTech University.

Research Interests
The major mission of Gao-lab is to use Drosophila and mammalian cell systems to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms of chromatin and (epi-)genetic factors, particularly with a focus on long non-coding RNAs and histone epigenetic codes in development, reproduction, innate immunology, aging and cancer disease. Towards achieving this mission, Gao-lab bridges the new genetic methods and biochemistry approaches into investigation of the mechanisms of those (epi-)genetics factors involved in fundamental biological processes. Their research will define not only epigenetic molecules and pathways but also many fundamental biological processes that impact human health.

Selected Publications
1.Zhang W#, Zhang X#, Xue Z#, Li Y#, Ma Q, Ren X, Zhang J, Yang S, Yang L, Wu M, Ren M, Xi R, Wu Z, Liu JL, Matunis E, Dai J*, Gao G*. Probing the Function of Metazoan Histones with a Systematic Library of H3 and H4 Mutants. Dev Cell. 2019 Feb 11;48(3):406-419.

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3.Wen K#, Yang L#, Xiong T#, Di C ,Ma D, Wu M, Xue Z, Zhang X, Long L, Zhang J, Bi X, Dai J, Zhang Ren M, Long L, Zhang Q, Lu ZJ.& Gao G*. Critical roles of long noncoding RNAs in Drosophila spermatogenesis. Genome Research. 2016 Sep;2. (F1000 recommendation)

4.Zhu Τ, Liang C, Li D, Tian M, Liu S, Gao G, Guan JS. Histone methyltransferase Ash1L mediates activity-dependent repression of neurexin-1α. Sci Rep. 2016 May 27;6:26597. 

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