Jianfeng Li    Assistant Professor, PI
InstituteSchool of Life Science and Technology
Research AreaBiomaterials and stem cell-based therapeutics for tissue  regeneration and tumor therapy
Contact Info.lijf1@@shanghaitech.edu.cn

Dr. Jianfeng Li obtained his bachelor’  degree at Department of Pharmacy, Fudan University in 2009 and then he pursued  his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics at Department of Pharmacy, Fudan University where he  focused on developing nano delivery system for tumor theragnostic. After he  finished his Ph.D. in 2015, he went to Prof. Yang’s lab at Stanford to further  expand his research experience in stem cell and biomedical engineering. In  November 2018, he joined School of Life Science and Technology in ShanghaiTech  University as an assistant professor (Tenure-track), PI, seeking to develop  novel biomaterials and stem cell-based therapeutics for tissue regeneration and  tumor therapy.

Research  Interests
Our research is highly interdisciplinary  and spans from fundamental science to translational research. We are  particularly interested in the following areas: (1) engineering 3D scaffolds to  elucidate the influence of cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions on stem cell  fate, (2) developing novel biomaterials to enhance the in vivo therapeutic  outcome of stem cells, (3) developing non-viral vector for CRISPR/CAS9 gene  delivery into stem cells, (4) developing optical and magnetic particle imaging  based multi-module imaging contrast agent for in vivo tumor cell  tracking.

Highly motivated research assistant or postdoctoral applicants  with relevant background are welcome to join our team.  

Selected  Publications
1. Jianfeng Li, Huiying Yang, Yujie Zhang,  Xutao Jiang, Yubo Guo, Sai An, Haojun Ma, Xi He, Chen Jiang. Choline  Derivate-Modified Doxorubicin Loaded Micelle for Glioma Therapy. ACS  Appl. Mater. Interfaces. 2015;  7(38):21589-601
2. Jianfeng Li, Xutao Jiang, Yubo Guo, Sai  An, Yuyang Kuang, Haojun Ma, Xi He, ChenJiang. Linear-Dendritic Copolymer  Composed of Polyethylene Glycol and All-trans-Retinoic Acid as Drug Delivery  Platform for Paclitaxel against Breast Cancer. Bioconjugate  Chemistry. 2015; 26(3):418-26
3. Jianfeng Li,  Yubo Guo, Yuyang Kuang, Sai An, Haojun Ma, Chen Jiang. Choline  transporter-targeting and co-delivery system for glioma therapy.  Biomaterials. 2013; 36(34):  9142-8.
4. Jianfeng Li, Shixian Huang, Kun Shao, Yang Liu,  Sai An, Chen Jiang. A choline derivate-modified nanoprobe for glioma diagnosis  using MRI. Scientific Reports. 2013; 3:1623.  
5. Jianfeng Li, Lu Zhou, Deyong Ye, Shixian Huang, Kun  Shao, Rongqin Huang, Liang Han, Yang Liu, Chen Jiang. Choline-derivate-modified  nanoparticles for brain-targeting gene delivery. Advanced  Materials. 2011; 23(39):4516-20.
6. Xinyi Jiang, Sergio Fitch,  Christine Wang, Christy Wilson, Jianfeng Li, Gerald A. Grant  and Fan Yang. Nanoparticle engineered TRAIL-overexpressing adipose-derived stem  cells target and eradicate glioblastoma via intracranial delivery.  Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2016 Nov  29;113(48):13857-13862