The SCA Gallery

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There is a gallery located on the first floor of the North East corner of the SCA, near the #5 Building of the SPST. The gallery is a unique place for students on campus to showcase their artistic achievements and exchange their creative ideas. 

In the gallery, the latest students' learning achievements in the SCA, the artistic works created by students and faculty, and the works of some well-known artists are occasionally exhibited.

Now on exhibition:

1 + 1 > 2 Photo Exhibition

Date: September 1 to October 31.


This September, the School of Creativity and Art (SCA) of ShanghaiTech will have the first group of Smart Design undergraduates. To welcome our new arrivals, we hereby launch QU Xinyi’s photo exhibition. Ms. QU graduated from Cardiff University, majoring in International Journalism. She is the engineer at SCA who is deeply involved in the development of general arts courses. Her shooting style combines the documentary truth with artistic ingenuity. Her most recent project, This Equals That, is a new exploration which attempts to transform dialogue into visual language.


SCA has been offering a wealth of art courses and activities, and is committed to boosting students' aesthetic qualities and cultivating artistic abilities. We hereby welcome you to visit this exhibition, hoping that you can see the Ordinary Days and its ingenuity.