SPST Ji Quanjiang wins the 2021 Young Chemistry Award of the Chinese Chemical Society

ON2022-05-09TAG: ShanghaiTech UniversityCATEGORY: School of Physical Science and Technology

On May 7, the results of the 2021 Young Chemistry Award of the Chinese Chemical Society were announced. SPST Associate Professor Ji Quanjiang won this award for his developing a novel gene editing system that is easy to use in disease treatment.


Prof. Ji Quanjiang is mainly engaged in the research of Cas nuclease mining, mechanism, and molecular evolution, and is committed to developing novel gene editing systems that are easy to use in disease treatment. In recent years, he has developed the CRISPR-AsCas12f1 gene editing system with currently the smallest size, providing a novel tool that is easy to deliver for clinical gene therapy; clearly elucidated the chemical mechanism of the precise cleavage of substrate DNA by the Cas9 protein, which is beneficial to the transformation and evolution of Cas9; and also developed a comprehensive CRISPR gene editing system for human pathogenic bacteria to greatly simplify the genetic manipulation of pathogenic bacteria.


Professor Liu Zhi, SPST Vice Dean and Director of the Center for Transformative Science, spoke highly of Ji Quanjiang's outstanding achievements in the interdisciplinary scientific research in physical and life science. “Quanjiang has high attainments in Cas nuclease mining, mechanism, molecular evolution and other research, and provides novel gene editing systems for disease treatment. The tools developed by his research group have also been adopted by many research groups in the world. During the review process of his being promoted to a tenured professor, his achievements in these fields were recognized by all the international judges, ”Liu Zhi said. “What’s more, Quanjiang is also a good professor in teaching. His undergraduate courses are well rated by students, and the students in his research group also got good training.”


The Young Chemistry Award of the Chinese Chemical Society was established in 1983. It is the earliest academic award established by the society. It aims to cultivate chemical science and technology talents, and encourage young people to devote themselves into the development of China’s chemical industry. The award is mainly awarded to outstanding young chemical researchers under the age of 35 who can innovate, improve and independently complete their work in chemical education, application and engineering. The award is reviewed once a year, and a total of 12 outstanding young researchers were honored this year.