ShanghaiTech’s team gets a good ranking in the 2022 International Mathematical Contest in Modeling

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Recently, the results of the 2022 International Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) were announced, and ShanghaiTech team won the Outstanding Winner, the top price of MCM. This year, the MCM attracted a total of 15,105 teams from all over the world, including teams from Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, Tsinghua, UC Berkeley and other well-known universities. There are 23 teams won the Outstanding Winner other than ShanghaiTech.

The ShanghaiTech team consisted of three students under the guidance of SPST Professor Wan Weishi. They are He Hao, a second year student in Physics, Yang Hongzhao, a second year student in Mathematics, and Pan Bikang, a third year student in Computer Science.


From left to right: Yang HongZhao, Pan Bikang, He Hao

The students’ modeling ability are cultivated by high-quality undergraduate courses at ShanghaiTech. The courses not only use original English teaching materials and are taught bilingually, but also pay attention to the training in English literature reading, academic expression and other abilities. Each course has group projects to greatly enhance students’ ability to solve practical problems and basic programming skills, and cultivate their ability of literature indexing.


I am very happy to take the role of coding implementation for our team in MCM,” said He Hao, who is good at data processing and coding, and is responsible for data cleaning and building specific models in the team. “In ShanghaiTech’s relaxing academic atmosphere, I can skillfully combine theory with practice, and realize my ideas through coding and experiments. In this contest, I and my teammates understand and learn from each other, greatly enhancing our teamwork ability.”


ShanghaiTech has a profound academic atmosphere, and schools provide certain training venues for us so that we can do it together. I have gained a lot of valuable experience and knowledge through the competition! said Pan Bikang, who is good at modeling by using machine learning, and is responsible for writing papers and summarizing the model in the contest.


Yang Hongzhao is responsible for the establishment and optimization of models, the derivation of theoretical formulas, and the planning of article structure. He feels very thankful to ShanghaiTech to provide an excellent academic environment. “I am very honored to prepare and complete this competition with two teammates. Not only did I learn a lot of knowledge, and also gained valuable experience.”