SLST Completes First 5-Yr Review

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A committee of twelve internationally renowned scientists carried out the first quinquennial review (QQR) on the development and progress of the School of Life Science and Technology (SLST) from 15th-18th November 2019.

The committee was warmly welcomed by University Council Chairman Li Ruxin. Vice President and Provost Yin Jie introduced the brief history of ShanghaiTech University since its establishment in 2013. 

In the overview session, SLST Founding Dean and Adjunct Professor Lin Haifan gave an introduction on the mission, philosophy, and development of the school. Vice Deans Luo Zhenge and Liu Jilong reported on the school’s education, research and international exchange, respectively.

A 41-page of overview and a combined 650-page report on the teaching, service and research progress of 56 groups in SLST were submitted to the committee. During the review, each of the 41 full-time faculty members, including 23 Assistant Professors who have joined SLST for more than 3 years, 13 Associate Professors and 5 Full Professors, gave 20-minute oral presentations. In addition, the managers of core facilities introduced the cutting-edge facilities which have accommodated scientific and educational supports for researchers and students at SLST. Furthermore, the committee has met with undergraduate students, postgraduate students, postdoctoral fellows and scientific staff at the school.

In the feedback session, the committee provided insightful assessment of the SLST and research groups to President Jiang Mianheng and other leaders including University Council Chairman Li Ruxin, Vice President and Provost Yin Jie, Vice Provost Jiang Ge, and Director of Human Resources Zhou Yu. The SLST deans expressed their gratitude to the committee for their time and constructive advice.