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 Director: Xiaoming Li (Ph.D.)                       

   EngineerZiwei Yang (Ph.D.)

Molecular Imaging Core Facility of SLST is focusing on establishing public platform with the advanced, high efficient equipment. The platform mainly provides the optical microscope technical support and professional training for the users of SLST, whole ShanghaiTech University, and also other research communities.


At present, our imaging core has been equipped with several advanced imaging devices, including Leica SP8 STED, Zeiss 980 Airyscan2, Nikon CSU SORA Spinning Disk, Nikon A1R confocal microscope, Zeiss LSM 710 NLO two-photon microscope, Zeiss Spinning Disk confocal microscope, Olympus VS120 slice scanner, PALM laser microdissection systems, etc. In addition, there is a workstation on the platform for image processing and analysis using Imaris, Volocity and Image J.


And the platform currently offers a variety of imaging technologies, as follows:

(1) High-resolution imaging.

(2) Optic section, 3D reconstruction and stitching large image.

(3) Two-photon imaging of brain slices or other thick samples.

(4) Long time live cell imaging.

(5) FRET, FRAP, photoactivation and intracellular ion detection.

(6) Laser capture microdissection.

(7) H & E slides imaging.

(8) Whole slide imaging.

(9) Image processing and analysis: deconvolution, co-localization analysis, particle tracking and counting.


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          Director: Xiaoming Li (Ph.D.)                       

          EngineerZiwei Yang (Ph.D.)

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