QMS1101 Quality 101

1. Chenyue Wan (Undergraduate student from School of Life Science and Technology)

The courses are well structured, and all the knowledge is naturally revealed to us. It provides the possibility to learn quite a bit within a short period of time. The professors firstly introduce the basic framework, and then gradually discuss the details of every session with numerous cases. Unlike the conventional unidirectional teaching, the professors teach here in an interactive way. All the students enjoy a lot the relaxed discussion, and even the shyest guy can speak very freely.

For anyone who wants to explore the high potential of biological industry, this course is absolutely the best choice.

2. Xiaoyu Chen (Undergraduate student from School of Life Science and Technology)

The reason why I take the quality course is that I already have some preliminary knowledge gained from my mother, who is now working in CFDA. Thanks to the offering of the course QMS in ShanghaiTech, I have the opportunity to learn the knowledge comprehensively and systematically. The lectures are given by experienced professor very logically, and the knowledge is delivered progressively as well. The teaching is application-orientated, and the professors usually discuss real cases. While laws and regulations are very boring reading clause by clause, these can be easily understood and memorized within the discussion of practical cases. All the professors are very skilled in communication, and they will solve your questions very patiently. Therefore, you can propose any basic question or weird ideas once you have.Moreover, you could discuss topics like future career other than the major knowledge with the professors, which is very valuable.

3. Xiaowen Peng (Undergraduate student from School of Information Science and Technology)

The most valuable reward of this course is that it cultivated me the thinking way of quality management. When I come across some related issues, I can use this special way to think about it. I believe the gain of this thinking approach is much more than the knowledge itself in this course. Indeed, whatever your career you are in, the knowledge of quality management will be helpful. To summarize, Quality Chinais highly practical, and it can bring you special insight.

4. Bo Zhang (Graduate student from School of Life Science and Technology)

From the two-week course, I realize deeply that the quality control and management is related to every step of the product research, development, fabrication, and sales. Nowadays, in the framework of market globalization, a lot of fields including medicine, electronics, and aerospace require a good quality management system to secure the development of corporations. In case you are curious about quality manage, there is no doubt to join the QMS program. Here you have all the chances of face-to-face discussions with experts, analysis of practical case. You can gain colorful surprises in the quality management courses, in addition to learn professional knowledge.

5. Yinbo Huo (Graduate student from School of Life Science and Technology)  

The motivation of the course Quality China is the strong practical social requirement, and this course is extremely useful. My suggestion to students in this course is to act actively--- communicate actively with professors, propose and answer questions actively. As Prof. Dai said, you are already the top students in China since you can join ShanghaiTech. It is solely ShanghaiTech that can provide you excellent knowledge of both science and quality management system. Except you, no one else can take the responsibility of quality management in China. Therefore, we must well serve our country and our people like our predecessors in this field.   

6. Ya Chen (Graduate student from School of Physical Science and Technology)

Edna, the instructor who teaches the course “Quality 101”, let me experience a dynamic way of teaching which fills the class with energy and fun. She plays a video called Santa’s story from the beginning, which led to ISO9001 quality management system as the entry point, and continuously link the Santa’s story and ISO 9001 to make an easier way for students to understand and remember the knowledge. Later, groups in class start their own companies and begin to operate companies by themselves with the knowledge of quality management system: Using the existing resources on hand to carry out product design and development, raw material procurement, production and other work. The coordination ability of every group is continuously strengthened, and the efficiency is continuously improved. The finished products are beautiful and fashionable, and all members of groups are very satisfied! What make me feel happy and surprised is that professor Edna write the encouraged whispers on everyone’s examination paper.  


QMS2303      Lean Healthcare

1. Caini Zhou (Graduate student from School of Life Science and Technology)

During the course lean healthcare, I learned a lot of knowledge about hospital management. Seemingly normal process, but from the perspective of lean can find a lot of waste phenomenon. Complex and general problems can be solved by scientific and effective tools such as Lean Value Stream Map, Twist time, Five Questions and so on. These knowledge and tools are not limited to medical industry management. The course of lean medical treatment gave me a new perspective to look at problems, and gave me ideas to solve problems scientifically.

2. Qikai Qin (Graduate student from School of Life Science and Technology)

My research topic is related to biomedicine, and I have also taken other courses of the Quality China Project, from which I have gained a lot, so I chose the course Lean Medical Care. In the process of learning, I found that lean medical treatment was just a way to understand the lean concept, and the concept of value and analytical tools could be fully applied to my experiment to reduce waste, improve efficiency, and make continuous improvement. This course has rich case practice and can understand many practical problems in hospitals. I think it is very interesting and recommend you to take it.

3. Jingle Wei (Graduate student from School of Physical Science and Technology)

The methodology of Lean Thinking is fascinating and a useful exploration tool. Luo teacher's wonderful explanation will bring us into a vivid case, let me issue: Oh, it can be so!. This course gradually made me marvel at the limitation of conventional thinking mode and encouraged me to jump out and look at problems from a higher perspective.