Welcome to the website of School of Life Science and Technology!


Life science is an eternal theme of mankind. Ever since the dawn of civilization, countless sages have marveled about the wonder of life, sighed about the inevitability of sickness and death, and relentlessly pursued the improvement of health and longevity. Since the middle of the last century, life science has experienced rapid development and has generated profound impacts on key issues in medicine, food, energy, and environment. Today, research in life science is leading a new wave of revolution in changing how we live.


Answering the call of our era, School of Life Science and Technology was established in 2013 as one of the four founding schools of ShanghaiTech University. In just four years, our School has made remarkable progress in faculty development, education, and research. Through international recruitment, as of October 2017, our School has established an excellent faculty composed of 42 tenure-track faculty members and a cadre of teaching- and research-track faculty members. In addition, we have 88 adjunct professors who are distinguished scientists from the Chinese Academy of Science and the United States, including a Nobel Laureate and Members of National Academies of Science of China and of the US. These adjunct faculty members are deeply involved in our research, graduate training, and undergraduate education.


Our School actively explores new approaches to higher education. Our undergraduate students enjoy education in small-class settings as well as in residential colleges. In addition, our School has established “3+1”exchange programs that allow students to study one year abroad at Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cornell, UC Berkeley, the University of Chicago, and the University of Illinois, to broaden their horizons. Our students are thriving in these world-class universities. In 2016, ShanghaiTech’s undergraduate students, mostly from our School, participated in the international iGEM contest at MIT for the first time, and our teams are among the gold and silver medal recipients. Graduate students in the School have become the main force of scientific research, and have made world-class discoveries within just a few years. In 2017, ShanghaiTech’s undergraduate students again won an iGEM gold medal. Upon graduation, our master degree students have all been either employed by leading companies or admitted to top PhD programs internationally.


Reflecting on the growth of the School in the past four years, we are deeply grateful to the Shanghai Municipal Government, the Chinese Academy of Science, and peer institutions in Shanghai for their strong support. 


This is an era of life science and technology. Our School is striving to accelerate the pace of growth to become a world-class school with a unique style for life science research and talent training. Together with you, we hope to pursue our dream with passion and create history through determination!