The Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB) Core Facility in SLST aims to facilitate the research of molecular and cellular biology by providing services and shared equipment to researchers at ShanghaiTech University and the surrounding research community.

The MCB Core Facility has been equipped with more than 100 different types of instruments including research equipment and support equipment, which caters to the need of molecular and cellular biology research at molecule, cell and tissue levels. The research equipment include not only the routine instruments, but also a lot of state-of-the-art instruments, such as Mass Cytometer, Flow Cytometers (analyzers/sorters), Droplet Digital PCR System, Milo Single-Cell Western System, Analytic Ultracentrifuge, Real time PCR Instruments, Biomolecular imaging Systems, Multi-mode detection platforms, High Performance Liquid Chromatograph, Protein Crystallography and gentleMACS Dissociator. The support equipment includes Pure and Ultrapure Water Production Units, Autoclaves, Ultra-low Temperature Freezers, High-Efficiency Cryogenic Storage Systems and CO2 Incubators, etc.


The Molecular and Cell Biology Core provides the following services: 1) Assistance with setting up an instrument or new experiment, and help with data analysis or general technical consultation on experimental design; 2) Training on instrumentation and related software, and organizing seminars presented by invited speakers from industry and academia; 3) Shared resources including manuals and standard operating procedures of instruments, and information about new instruments, technologies and methods.

Major Instruments