Jia Cheng: Publishing with Cell Press

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On October 26, 2023, Dr. Jia Cheng, the Scientific Editor of Cell, was invited by Gene Editing Center to give a lecture on Publishing with Cell Press in the auditorium of the School of Life and Science Technology.

Cell was founded by Dr. Benjamin Lewin in 1974, and published through MIT press in the early days. In 1986, the team established an independent Cell Press, and founded a series of well-known academic journals, including Molecular Cell, Developmental Cell, Cancer Cell, Cell Stem Cell and other journals. Now, they are also constantly adding new academic journals, including physics, chemistry, energy and materials science.

Before the official start of the academic report, Dr. Cheng said that this is her first time to return to China after she became the Scientific Editor of Cell, and ShanghaiTech University is her first stop. Afterwards, Dr. Cheng talked about the process of article submission, including how the editors of Cell screen manuscripts and how to help authors communicate effectively with the reviewers. Dr. Cheng also talked about what kind of research would attract the editors’ interests, what should be noted when preparing and submitting the manuscript, and what should be done by the authors after receiving the reviewer’s comments. The audience listened with great interest. After the presentation, the teachers and students who attended the lecture had a more in-depth discussion with Dr. Cheng.

After receiving the PhD in Neuroscience from the State University of New York at Buffalo, Jia Cheng entered the Rockefeller University for postdoctoral training. Since 2020, Dr. Cheng has been working as a scientific editor of Cell.