Quality has become China’s current significant livelihood issue, and it has also become one of the strategies for strengthening the country. In this context, ShanghaiTech University is committed to cultivating top-notch management talents with scientific backgrounds, integrity and quality awareness. These students will become scarce talents with quality technology in all professions and trades.

Course Description

Quality! We desire quality in every aspect of our lives, but do we know how to achieve it?  

In this introductory course, we will explore human’s pursue for quality and how advancements in technology lead to standardized systematic approaches for assuring quality in modern life. We will look into ISO 9001, the most widely used quality management system (QMS) in the world, to explore how its quality management elements can be used in any type of business, as well as in your personal life, to help you achieve high quality results and meeting your goals.

The course emphasizes the cultivation of students’ quality awareness and sense of social responsibility towards China’s goal of being a manufacturing and economic leader in the world. The program employs the case teaching approach throughout the courses, which emphasizes on the learning quality of students,

In addition to the courses, there will be relevant industry seminars given by industry regulators, enterprises and academic professionals, who will provide in-depth explanations of the quality management standards of the medical device industry, compare Chinese and foreign laws and regulations, describe the industry development, the current status of China’s supervision, as well as ongoing reformations. In subsequent advanced courses, we will invite corporate executives to study in-depth on specific topics of quality management based on practical business cases.

Course Features

 Ideology, specialization, and systematicity. The course not only emphasizes on the cultivation of ideas, but also has the support of the whole subject system.

The course integrates arts with science (including history, law, management, technology, etc.), which synchronizes with the subject features and the student characteristics in ShanghaiTech University.

 The course is taught jointly by excellent experts from regulators and enterprises.

There are follow-up courses and activities to provide a full range of educational activities from concept to practice. Students can gain guidance and supports from the university in generating motivations, establishing idealities, as well as arming their ideals with solid quality technology.

“Quality Management System Essentials” is an introductory course of QMS program series. Students can continue to study advanced courses after they complete the introductory one. They can obtain three training certificates once the designated credits are gained.